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PCM Tuning Packages

Year (PCM):

(1985-1992 TPI/TBI and all Truck Power Tunes currently available only with Cable Loan or Email Tuning Methods)

Body Type:


Tune Type:

Postal Basic Tune
Chip: $75; OBDI: $85; OBDII: $90; LS1/Vortec: $100

Postal Power Tune
Chip: $125; OBDI: $165; OBDII: $175; LS1/Vortec: $185

Email Power Tune
Chip/OBDI: $120; OBDII: $125; LS1/Vortec: $135

Cable Loan Power Tune
1994-1995 LT1/L99: $215 + $65 Core
1985-1993 OBDI TPI/TBI/LT1: $215 + $160 Core
1996-1997 OBDII LT1: $225 + $300 Core
1997-2009 OBDII LS1/Vortec: $250 + $300 Core

Loaner Cables Currently Available:
OBDI 12-pin (1985-1994 TPI/LT1): 0
OBDI 16-pin (1995 LT1): 0
OBDII (1996-2009): 1

In-Person Power Tune
1994-1995 LT1/L99: $200
1985-1993 OBDI TPI/TBI/LT1: $200
1996-1997 OBDII LT1: $200
1997-2009 OBDII LS1/Vortec: $250


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Tune Testimonials

1995 Camaro Z28

I was looking to have the EGR and AIR deleted on my '95 Z28 and was absolutely surprised that Solomon was also able to help with another issue I was having [stutter on the highway]. I thought I was going to have to visit a dyno but this was all accomplished through data-logging and customized tunes.

Solomon was in contact with me from the moment the package arrived until the final tune. I really appreciated the excellent customer service. I would recommend him to anyone, he was able to create a tune specific for my '95 Z28 and it runs better than ever.

The car runs smoother than ever and at idle, in gear at 650rpm, it no longer misses. I wasn't looking for performance increase, just to delete the egr/air and to fix the AFR so the stuttering would stop. The vehicle's driveability has improved dramatically. You exceeded the expectations.

In addition to the Z28, I also have a 2007 Mustang and you must purchase an expensive hand held tuner and the tunes that you receive from on line tuning shops are cookie cutter tunes. Solomon has you capture data specific to your vehicle and creates a tune custom for your car. He does that for less than 1/2 the price of the vendors I have used for my Mustang.

Osprey, FL

January, 2010


If you send me emails from an, or address, or signup and/or place orders, but do not receive a reply from me or emails from my website, please do not think I am ignoring you! Lately, those email providers are randomly blocking emails from my servers. If you are on Facebook, like my page and contact me from there to ensure I've received your message and request a reply on there. Thank you for your understanding!

Remote Tuning Kit

Do you need a good tune, but cannot afford the down-time of mailing your PCM to me? Do you not have any interest in long-term tuning where you would need to buy your own equipment and tuning software? Now I can loan you one of my tuning kits to allow me to fine-tune your 1986-2003 PCM to match your individual setup, without you needing to send me your PCM. No more downtime, and a fully tuned vehicle!

Buy Tips as Printable PDF

You can now have the same tuning tips on my website in a handy, printable PDF format, for easy offline reference (over 20 full pages!).

After payment, the 20+ page printable PDF of these free online tips will be emailed to you.

Ordering a Tune

Simply signup as a customer and then order a PCM tune! If you still have any questions after reading this, then use the form to contact me!

DIY Tuning

If you decide you like the idea of tuning on your own, visit TunerCat and purchase the C.A.T.S. Tuner software to get started ($69.95). For working on your '94 or '95 LT1 PCM, you'll also need the $EE definition file ($19.95).

Then just get yourself an OBDI ALDL cable and compatible computer, and you're ready! Use my free "Tips" page or buy the PDF version for a small fee, and get started!

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